Ahh Paris.

old-car-on-the-roadWe had to be in Paris on Monday as karina had some visa buisness to do and i had some post. I took the backroads through slightly rolling farmland east of Paris as far as I could, but eventually we hit the Periphique, the ring road around Paris, and with it the bumper to bumper traffic. An hour of crawling later, we camped in the big park just outside Roland Garros. We rode our bikes in the next day, crossing the Seine river and did our chores close to the eifel tower. Both Karina and I dig paris, and have been here quite a few times. Like Amsterdam, bike is a good way to get around. The arondissements around the Eifel tower arent my favourite. I find the shops a bit overpriced, but wandering the streets you can still find the odd gem or insanely specialised shop selling violin strings or teas labelled “tahiti mix”.

As we drove out of Paris we started talking about Eurodisney, and karina mentioned there was an ‘Asterixland’ to which my response was “Why has no one told me this before?!!”. But it was too late to turn back. We swung past Versaille and then Chartres on our wayout, both with impressive edifices, a palace and cathedral respectively. But we didn’t go in. We pulled over down a lane, cooked a tasty dinner of saucise, rice and lentils and tomatos, then fell quickly asleep. I managed to reverse into a grassy embankment while maneuvring the van in the dark, leaving our exhaust pipe hanging off the muffler. I cut it off rather than leaving it dangling, and our van now sounds considerably more farty. I might stick it back on with bog and muffler tape when it comes time to sell for it’s rapidly decreasing resale value.

Al paris

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  1. FaTih says:

    Saladine mou leipeis… Pantos an to megka edexine anti gia to kolaraki tis Julias, to diko sou, tha eixe akomi megalyteri tiletheasi.Sovara, symfono apolyta me ta osa les. O Pagkalos einai o anthropos ton eidikon apostolon. Prota erxetai o Papoutsis gia na tholosei ta nera me to sosialistiko tou fronima kai meta o Pagkalos gia na sfixei xana ta louria. Gia to de Mega den milo. Eimai eugnomon stous anthropous pou mou emfysisan traumatiko sok gia tin tileorasi. Pleon den vlepo oute eidiseis. Eilikrina tous euxaristo pou mou anoixan to myalo kai katesfaxan tin opoia periergeia eixe apomeinei gia ton parallilo kosmo mesa apo to gyali tis.

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